Favourites of 2011, Part the Second

Second verse, same as the first – except that this time, these were my favourite books ostensibly not for kids (several of which I would have adored had I read them as a child as well).  All fiction, since I tend to dip in and out of non-fiction rather than settle in and read the […]

Favourites of 2011 – Part the First

I like ‘looking back’ sort of posts at the end of the year, with two caveats – first, I’m not sure how keen I am on ranking things, and second (and specific to a “what I read” sort of list), I don’t want to limit myself to books that were published this year. With that […]

Merry Happy Festive Season!

It is very strange to be spending a relaxing afternoon at home on Boxing Day. One of the vagaries of working at bookstores all your life is that the shape of the Christmas season is defined by the demands of retail life, which are never more insistent than during December. For years, Christmas has been […]